Clean Recovery Centers

Addiction treatment center in Sarasota County, Florida

What we do

Millions of lives are affected daily by the scourges of drinking, addiction, and untreated mental health problems. Whether you've hit "rock bottom" or just need new life skills to help you Get Clean, Live Clean, and Stay Clean, Clean Recovery Centers offers a road to recovery..


Why we are unique 

Using evidence-based techniques, medication management, and our unique Three-Phase Method, which includes treatment alternatives for each stage of recovery, Clean Recovery Centers provides stabilization, analysis, and therapy. Recognizing that there are several paths to recovery, we create a strategy that works by attending to the full person—their physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs.

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Get Clean

Detoxification is a frequent beginning place, even if every approach is different. Typically, the first three to four weeks of therapy are spent in Phase I, a 24-hour residential program with medical attention.

Live Clean

Phase II, which can be residential or non-residential, paves the way for a more independent path of recovery and aids the client in completing Phase I by allowing them to address the issues that contributed to their addiction.

Stay Clean

The third step requires putting what has been learned into practice and ceasing full-time counseling. This means continuing group and individual therapy while progressively reducing the number of visits, in addition to helping the patient acquire the required life skills to succeed.

Costs and Payments

Clean Recovery Centers accept payments through private insurance, financing programs, as well as cash payments paid directly out of pocket.
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Name: Clean Recovery Centers
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